Jeanne Harran
Hello my name is Jeanne Harran

My name is Jeanne, although I go by Jeannie. I’m a human-centered design researcher. When I’m not engaging with customers to better understand their experiences and pain points, I’m planning my next adventure around the globe…as soon as we get through this pandemic!

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Mixed Methods Research

I know just the right methods to help your team to understand usability issues, barriers to product adoption, or measure the UX return on investment.

Remote Collaboration Workshops
Remote Design Workshops

Working with globally distributed teams can be tricky. Especially during a global pandemic. My experience collaborating with a global customer base and distributed design team has called me to sharpen my communication (and Miro sticky note game) required to run design sprints 100% remotely.

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UX Research at Scale

I have experience building a product research practice from scratch within the fintech industry. If you are looking to improve participant recruitment strategy, train non-researchers on best practices, or create UX benchmark program, I can help you out!

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Interaction Design

We all know the devil is in the details. I use workflows, information architecture diagrams, and interactive wireframes to communicate design concepts with my team.

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