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My name is Jeanne. I’m a product designer with a passion for travel

Research & Strategy

My passion for data driven design thinking drives me to discover the greater ‘why’ behind consumer behavior. Strategy is hiding inside customer service call logs, product analytics, stakeholder interviews, and collaborative design sessions with product managers.

Interaction Design

We all know the devil in the details. I use workflows, information architecture diagrams, and interactive wireframes to communicate with my team.


As an embedded designer within a scrum team, I work closely with my team to transform design into done increments of software. I’ve been known as the subject matter expert, proxy product owner, and quality assurance pro.

Process[ps2id id=’process’ target=”/]

Every designer has a set of tools in their ‘kit’. The most talented in the field know exactly what to use in even the trickiest of scenarios.

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For the past seven years I’ve been asking ‘why’ as a creative professional in software development. My love affair with design thinking began as industrial design student, discovering that form and function can truly coexist. Special shout out to my favorite designers Charles & Ray Eames.

Fast forward a few years and a couple poorly coded websites later, I’m co-creating web and mobile interfaces for the financial services industry.

When I’m not cranking out wires and collaborating with my global colleagues on product vision, I’m scheming my next adventure abroad. My best friend and business partner and I write for Pure Wander, a blog for those who love travelling in packs!

lets work together!